Notes on a work in progress …

The new book of poems, A Parachute of Broken ThingsSelected and New Poems, takes its title from a line by William Stafford.  It will include published and unpublished poems from the 1970s to the present.  New poems range from 2019 to the present.  I can’t say when it will be published but my best wish is next fall and my best guess, next year.  Stay tuned.

One more old chapbook is out of print but for anyone interested it contains the work of four poets from Weatherby Lake, Missouri where my husband and I lived before coming to the Valley.  All three neighbors and I put together their work and mine in a little book called, A Minute of Arc:  Four Poets from the Weatherby Lake Writers Guild, Dam Poets Press, 1996. It was printed by a real printer.  The cover designed by another neighbor.  We paid her and chipped in four ways for the $500 to pay the printer.  I have a few copies and it can be reproduced digitally. 

We were so proud of our little book, Polly Hairston, Marion “Nick” Winter, Alan May, and yours truly.  We lost Nick too many years ago far too soon. These people, these neighbors, wrote some wondrous poems, mine were anything but wondrous. We scheduled a reading at a bookstore in nearby Parkville and did little in promoting it.  It was November and one woman with a child came in to shop.  Maybe one other person.  It grew late and began to snow.  We read for each other.  That is a treasured memory.